About MetroCare


MetroCare operates their own communications and dispatch center. A MetroCare communication center has the ability to receive, process and dispatch non-emergency and emergency calls using an emergency medical dispatch priority system.

Resourceful Dispatchers
MetroCare dispatchers undergo an intensive training period before they work on their own. Dispatchers undergo a screening test to determine their proficiency in data entry and typing, as well as determining their customer service skills. Dispatchers are trained in the use of radio communications, map reading, computer aided dispatch, and more. Above all, they are trained to provide superior customer service over the phone to 911 callers, other health care providers, and the public wishing to know more about the company.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
MetroCare operates a computerized dispatch system. MetroCare uses the Zoll Data Systems CAD entitled RightCAD. RightCAD is an application suite that manages all aspects of a call including the location, responding units, notes, response times, and billing. RightCAD has the ability to map calls, enabling dispatchers to pin-point the exact location of the scene the instant the call is saved.

The CAD system can automatically alert crews to calls via cell phone and other devices. Supervisors have the ability to monitor the CAD and fleet activities in their vehicles, enabling them to make decisions easily on-the-go.