MetroCare adds CPAP Protocols

1/1/2016 - MetroCare has a new tool in our medical arsenal to combat respiratory distress. CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, has found its way from the hospital to the pre-hospital setting. Traditional CPAP units required an electrical source. New CPAP units are oxygen driven allowing MetroCare to bring this life saving treatment to the patient's home.

Multiple studies have shown that the use of CPAP reduces the need for intubation, reduces length of stay in the hospital, and can reduce the number of ICU admissions for respiratory conditions by as much as fifty percent.

CPAP has been shown to to rapidly improve vital signs, gas exchange, and decrease the work of breathing for respiratory distress patients.

CPAP was added to every unit in the fleet on January 1st.


MetroCare changes Airway Protocols

March 2016 - MetroCare is developing and implementing a new airway protocol including the King Airway. This airway device is a very effective airway management tool and is highly recommended by medical directors around the nation.