Public Relations

MetroCare and the Community

MetroCare offers its professional services to the community through public events. MetroCare is proud to offer services such as stand-by's, public education, and much more.

MetroCare is not just about transporting patients from one place to another. It is also in the business of educating the public at large. While providing medical coverage at special events, we provide the opportunity for people to speak with paramedics and EMT's and help the public understand the importance and operations of mobile medical services.

At speaker events MetroCare has talked about the dangers of heat related emergencies, proper hydration and the effects of dehydration, the dangers of alcohol poisoning, and many more topics.

Our education courses in the past have included community CPR courses and first aid certification classes.

At health or EMS related conferences, MetroCare has recruited many people with the talent needed to make excellent EMT's and paramedics. The EMS profession provides the perfect opportunity for caring individuals to contribute life saving medical care to their communities.

At school events MetroCare has participated in career days by explaining what an Emergency Medical Services agency does. This helps guide interested students toward a path leading to public service through the medical profession.